#RecordOfTheDay “Langa Neki” by The Cosmo Stars

I think it’s been years since we’ve shared anything from the Caribbean/South American nation of Suriname. Finding Kaseko records outside of Holland isn’t easy, so it’s always extra special the few times I come across these maxi-singles like this one from The Cosmo Stars who were considered one best Kaseko bands ever.


Podcast – Episode 1

Please excuse our recent absence from this space. We’ve been doing some remodeling and maintenance, but we’re back now! We’re still very excited to continue sharing more music and culture. In fact, last week we got together and recorded our very first Pelangacast live from our LP clubhouse! The concept is not to have the typical radio “programmed show,” but instead to invite you into our cozy wall-to-wall collection of culture on vinyl as we share stories and discoveries from our musical addictions.

Below is our first episode with more to come soon. Have a listen, and let us know what you think.



  1. Intro
  2. Advice – I. C. Rock
  3. Ce La Vie – Les Difficiles De Pétion-Ville
  4. Ah Ah Oh No – La Protesta (ft. Joe Arroyo)
  5. El Preso – Louis Towers [NOTE: This unlabeled record was in a Grupo Kuwait sleeve, but it’s actually Louis Towers]
  6. (Where Were You) Last Night – Sumy
  7. Banana Juana – Ralph Robles
  8. Guami Guami – Sir Victor Uwaifo and his Melody Maestros
  9. Jessie – Kanda Bongo Man


Master Blaster – No not Stevie


Whoa! That was my reaction to first laying eyes on this record. Master Blaster is just a dope name. I’m not sure if they took it from Stevie Wonder’s hit song from Hotter Than July, but paired with this album art I was absolutely loving it before even hearing it.

So who are Master Blaster? They just happen to be a really great 80’s Kaseko band from Suriname. If you’ve never heard Kaseko music before, it’s something like a New Orleans brass band, but with more Caribbean flavor sung in Dutch creole. For whatever reason most records you find from Suriname, are 12″ singles or EP’s, which I love because you get a nice loud pressing and some fun melodies like this one.

Als Je Mij Een Vingertje Wijst – Master Blaster

Als Je Mij Een Vingertje Wijst

A little Youtube research gets you Master Blaster performing a shorter version of the same song back in the day live on Dutch TV. I think you’ll enjoy it way more than this audience.

~ pozole