#RecordOfTheDay “Poo-Jo” by Hysear Don Walker

I’m up late again so it feels only right to go with another late night tune. Last night it was drunken cumbia, but it’s raining outside now and for whatever reason soul jazz is what I need with winter rain. This particular record by Hysear Don Walker not only sounds perfect on a rainy night, but the later you listen to it the better it sounds. Play it at 2:45 AM and I guarantee you won’t regret the fact that you’re up way too late.


#RecordOfTheDay “Hummin'” by Quincy Jones

It’s been over 24 hours since Vulture published their interview with the greatest living producer of modern music, Quincy Jones and I’m still tripping off what I read. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s by far the wildest Q&A your eyes will ever encounter. I’m not exaggerating even by the slightest. Quincy let’s loose like a cannon revealing shit I wasn’t at all prepared for. As a nod to this 80 year old legend letting loose here’s the track Hummin’ off the record Gula Matari that was referenced in the interview.



#PelangaPlaylist Jan 16 – 28

We’re now 4 weeks into 2018 so time for another playlist of the last 2 weeks of #RecordOfTheDay posts to jump start your work week.

#RecordOfTheDay “Uhuru” by The Ramsey Lewis Trio

Just a little something for a quiet low-key Sunday afternoon. If you are already familiar with Ramsey Lewis‘ classic record Maiden Voyage then you know that this follow up LP Another Voyage from 1969 in his trio setup (Eldee Young on bass and Red Holt on drums) is not to be slept on.


#RecordOfTheDay “Funky Duke” by Vikings De La Guadeloupe

From this 1975 Vikings De La Guadeloupe record you probably would not be expecting to hear funk soul-jazz, but one thing I’ve learned after years of digging through Caribbean music is to prepare to be surprised. To find this tune “Funky Duke”, which I suspect is a tribute to great funk jazz artist George Duke, is the type of surprise I never get tired of.

Funky Duke