Golden Sounds

Sorry for the silence, and thanks to Posoule and especially Mister 3000 for holding it down in our absence.

Did you know that La Pelanga takes requests? (Ok, only if we like them and we have them, heheh.) Just drop us an email or leave a comment on any post. César asked me to post the original version of Shakira’s World Cup hit “Waka Waka”, and I’m happy to do that. Click here to watch the video of Golden Sounds’s “Zangalewa”.

Much has been said about FIFA’s choice of a Latina over soooo many talented African musicians, and about Shakira’s (cover/tribute/appropriation)? of this great song. (I’m sure she grew up hearing it in the radio like I did.) Google and ye shall find. Here is a good post by Boima about it.


But what I was really excited about when I picked up this record was the B-side, which contains a version of Edmond Tigui’s “Ekang”: a true Pelanga classic (on Juancho’s beautiful and beautifully titled “La Pelanga v.2”.) and one of the craziest 45s I’ve ever heard/seen. How many times do you have to hear this to understand where the rhythm is going?

Ekang by Golden Sounds


So Posoule, here’s my request: give us the original!