“¡Ay! Los Callos” – Señorial Marimba Orquesta Ave Lira


Despite the Marimba’s amazing lineage and stories of it’s arrival from West Africa to the Caribbean, the samplings of marimba from Mexico/Central America that I have heard never really grabbed me. My assumption was if you have 3 people playing a furniture sized percussion instrument the music should be extremely uptempo and lively, but to my ears they sound rather tame compared to the smaller marimbas of Colombia and Ecuador who incorporate a lot more tambores. That was until I came across this wonderful record by Señorial Marimba Orquesta Ave Lira. I was immediately filled with hope of something different when I saw all of 8 brass musicians on the cover. René Garcia Molina founded this legendary Guatemalan group in 1963 and went onto record upwards of 40 records! I’m very proud to own this 1974 recording and to have finally come around to marímba guatemalteca. Enjoy.

¡Ay! Los Callos by Señorial Marimba Orquesta Ave Lira

¡Ay! Los Callos


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