Friday Nights @ OMCA

Last night our residency as the house DJs for Friday Nights @ OMCA (Oakland Museum of California) wrapped up. For those unfamiliar, every Friday night OMCA closes down 2 blocks, and it basically hosts a big family after work “happy hour” with live music. This month featured: Bang DataFito Reinoso, Los Rakas, and Phillip Montalbán and the Bluefields Sound. Big thank you to event’s organizer, Preston Freedom, for the continued love and support. Typically for anything we are a part of we bring our crates full of vinyl, however last night due to other circumstances I rolled with just the laptop. Even though I have a lot of my vinyl digitized when I play them through Serato it just doesn’t feel as good. So for my contribution I went with all newish digital-only tracks that skew dance floor-ready. Here’s a playlist from what I had going last night. Shoutouts and big congrats to DJ Papicultor’s students who just graduated and had the dance floor lit.


¡Latinos Presente!


Today, (6/25/10), the group stage of the World Cup concluded with 6.1 of the 7.1 Latin countries advancing to the final 16/octovos. (Yes the USA counts as .1 for having José Tores in their squad). If only Honduras could have squeaked their way in, but none the less this has been a magnificent showing for the rest of Latin America: Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Mexico, Paraguay and Uruguay. During the past week this song by El General has been in constant rotation in my headphones. Sorry Shakira, but this is still the greatest World Cup song of all time. Enjoy!

Latinos A Ganar by El General

Latinos A Ganar

In 2014 we will likely see even a greater Latino/Carribean presence with Brazil being awarded an automatic place as hosts. Juancho y Papicultor already have their eyes on that extra spot for Peru and Colombia. And don’t forget La Copa América kickoffs in just 1 year! (July 3, 2011)