#RecordOfTheDay “Move Out A Babylon” by Johnny Clarke

The end of the work week is here and a reggae rockers tune feels right to get us into a relaxing and positive vibe for the weekend. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a bad Johnny Clarke record and this one is no exception—his signature vocal style over an upbeat Bunny “Stricker” Lee rockers rhythm. Simple perfection. #45Friday

#RecordOfTheDay “Can’t Take Another World War” by Clint Eastwood & General Saint

We got these two man-children dictators acting like they ain’t scared to start World War III, while the rest of us are just trying to see Black Panther so we can actually imagine what some non-colonial, self-determination of African people who save the world looks like. Which brings me to this 1981 record from Clint Eastwood & General Saint with their version of hey can we not do this please?

#PelangaPlaylist Jan 1 – 14

Now that #RecordOfTheDay has reached the 2 week mark this seems like a good point to pause and throw them all together in a single playlist. Enjoy.

#RecordOfTheDay “Master Blaster Dub” by Stevie Wonder

If you never came across the 1980 single release of Stevie Wonder’s classic reggae tune Master Blaster then you might not know that there was an extended dub version on the b-side. It’s not exactly at King Tubby’s level of dub engineering, but it’s pretty fresh to hear Stevie’s interpretation of dub. This is the 12″ version that I believe only got a European release.

Master Blaster (Dub)