“Asante Kotoko”, Pat Thomas

photo: Kumasi Daily

Back in 1998, I was a student at the University of Ghana in Legon, studying African religion, playwrighting, Colonial history, and Islam, while also dealing with the intense heat, and the fact that no one seemed to believe an American was interested in or could play soccer. I went out on the pitch only once in my five months there, ran up and down the field for an hour, wilting in the sun, calling for the ball to no avail. No one bothered to cover me, perhaps because they knew I’d never get a pass. It was as if I were completely invisible. (Oddly, on the basketball court, the Ghanaians showed me deference I did not deserve, as if by virtue of being American I somehow magically had a mean crossover…) Still, I hold no grudges, and am posting this Pat Thomas song “Asante Kotoko” in support of the Ghanaian side in their very difficult match with Germany tomorrow. Asante Kotoko (seen above celebrating a goal) is the club team from Kumasi, Ghana’s second city, capital of the Ashantis. Like most African sides (and Latin American sides too), the majority of the Ghanaian national team now play in Europe; but most got their start in the local  league, and a few once proudly wore the red jersey of Asante Kotoko. The complete version of this track is fifteen minutes long, but here’s a five minute groove for your enjoyment…

Asante Kotoko by Pat Thomas

Asante Kotoko

— juancho