Podcast: Diggin at the record swap

For this podcast we decided to try something we have never done before — set out to do a show without any records from our collection. Instead we went to a local record swap meet with a set budget of $50 each to create our playlist for the day.

After a full afternoon of digging through many boxes of records from all over the world we headed straight back to La Sala to see if we spent our money wisely. We think we did pretty well, but have a listen and let us know what you think.




Fela Ransome-Kuti and Africa ’70 with Ginger BakerLet’s Start


20th Century Steel BandHeaven and Hell is on Earth


MonarcoSilenciar A Mangueira


Avohou Pierre Et L’Orchestre Black Santiago – Makoba Houi Dé O


Al HirtHarlem Hendoo


Chico Che Y La CrisisSagitario


The DovesGive Peace to the People


Orquestre Le Peuple – Massavi Fololo Y’ Africa

The NumonicsYou Lied


El Gran ComboEl Jolgoria (Wepa-Wepa)

Kill a Hipster (save your hood) – Watsky, ft. Chinaka Hodge

3 or 4 years ago I went to Berkeley’s annual Hip-Hop in the Park and there was my fellow futbolista and friend DJ Treat-U-Nice (aka Dominic Villeda) selling shirts he designed and printed up. It read “Kill a hipster, save your hood”. My reaction at the time was, there’s Dom being Dom. I didn’t realize just how bad the epidemic would grow. My neighborhood in Oakland, (a huge mix of working class people, mostly of color), hadn’t been taken over yet. Soon though they were living next door and my hood started to resemble something far too close to this video by SF rapper/poet Watsky alongside our local friends DJ Treat-U-Nice and playwright/educator Chinaka Hodge.

Enjoy the killing. I sure did.

~ DJ Pozole





Jose “El Kid” Reynoso – Martin Luther King Jr. (Fuerza Productions)

Here’s a heartfelt tribute to Dr. King, straight out of Oakland/Stockton in the early 80s (I think). Was any of our readers at Melrose School back then?

Massive respect to Jose Reynoso, who’s still doing great work in Stockton today.


Martin Luther King Jr. by Jose “El Kid” Reynaga

Los Chuchos – Cumbia Tokeson


Those of you who are fans of cumbia and live in or around Oaklandia are probably already up on Cumbia Tokeson. Over the past year when groups like Bomba Estereo, Celso Piña, and Cafe Tacvba’s Ruben Albarrans have come to town it’s been Cumbia Tokeson who have been heating up the stage with them. The first time you saw them you probably thought, “Wait, I know these dudes”. That’s because they consist of members of tex-punk-cumbia heroes Fuga and Oakland’s La Colectiva. With  Tokeson you’ll hear hints of those former groups, but with a fresh take—mixing up Peruvian Chicha, Colombian Cumbia and Mexican Sonidera.

Of course La Pelanga loves digging for 30+ year old records, but make no mistake discovering new music is just as exciting. Here are a couple of blazing tracks off their debut EP, Los Chuchos Vol.1 For info on their upcoming shows and future releases checkout their FB page.

DJ Pozole

Hamza El Din, 1929-2006


Next month — May 22, to be exact — will mark the fifth anniversary of the passing of world-famous oud player Hamza El Din. Born in southern Egypt, he studied in engineering in Cairo before tdevoting himself completely to preserving Nubian musical traditions. He played all over the world, recorded with everyone from the Kronos Quartet to the Grateful Dead, and eventually settled here in Oakland, California. I hope El Din’s many local admirers and collaborators are planning a musical tribute to conmemorate his passing. In the meantime, here’s a track from his 1964 debut of Vanguard Records, “Hoi to Irkil Fagiu”, performed with Ahmed Abdul Malik on the string bass.

And here’s the Kronos Quartet playing “Escalay”, an El Din composition.


– tunda