#RecordOfTheDay “Malagueña” by Pico

Thank you to everyone who came out to the  La Chamba and Money Chicha show. It was a great night of psychedelic cumbia. At one point during Money Chicha’s set I recognized a song that I couldn’t quite place, but then I realized I was listening to a cover of the Cuban/Spanish classic Malagueña. It’s a flamenco song that’s been covered in many different styles over the years. I actually first knew it as a disco track from the classic New York disco label West End Records by a group called Pico. I bought this record for the same reason I think anyone ever did, the dope percussion break half way through. It’s worth the wait.

#RecordOfTheDay “Dame tu Mano” by Combo Chimbita

Yesterday we featured new music from L.A. so only fair we check in on N.Y. and listen in on some more new indie latin music—specifically Latin-psych music that seems to have resurged lately. This new group out of N.Y., Combo Chimbita has my interest with this tropical-punk sound rooted in traditional Colombian rhythms. This is one of the more chill tunes, while the rest of the album goes even further into a psyched out frenzy. Let us know if you’re feeling this new wave.

#RecordOfTheDay “Fun City Shing-A-Ling” by Joe Quijano

In the late 60s there were probably 100s of records with Shing-A-Ling songs. (If you don’t know what the Shing-A-Ling is then you need to go sit down with your elders.) However, I don’t believe none come close to this Joe Quijano and His Orchestra’s 1967 release. This record is so mean, so slick and all-out NY Latin swagger.

Fun City Shing-A-Ling

Sonora Ponceña – Oh Mayi

I’m personally done being depressed about everything from last year. Time to get disciplined about being creative and sharing what we’re passionate about. Let’s try this—at least 1 song a day from our record collection for you to 🎧. Let’s start with a dedication to 🇵🇷

Sonora Ponceña – Oh Mayi