#RecordOfTheDay “Bel Toubonman” by Expérience 7

Yesterday day we had NY disco, now let’s tryout some late night Antillean disco from Expérience 7. This was one of those songs upon first listening I half discounted being that I bought the record for more of the Zouk tracks, but after coming back to it again I’m really enjoying it more and more. Often music requires multiple chances to sink in, but I freely admit sometimes I’m slow to recognize. Don’t be like me 🙂

LA PELANGA 2.0 is here!

La Pelanga 2.0 is finally here! This past winter we got word that our blog host Posterous was shutting down. This actually was a blessing as it forced our hand in finally upgrading our site that was over 4 years old. For the past 4 months we’ve been working on creating our new space that can better feature this music that we love. We are really happy with the new design and we hope you like it as well. Please let us know what you think. We’re not quite finished yet, and there’s still a few more tweaks to the design to make, but WE ARE BACK!


So lets kick off the new site with a summer scorcher from La Perfecta who hail from the French Antilles island of Martinique. I’ve actually just returned from vacationing on this gorgeous island for my honeymoon, and while traveling in Montreal the week before synchronicity must have been at work as I came across La Perfecta’s 1978 release La Divinité. The French Antilles is a special place for music. In any given space you’ll likely hear Zouk, Dancehall, Salsa, Soca, Reggae, Kompa and of course Kadans (Cadence). La Protesta was one of the most popular Kadans groups to come from Martinique in the 70s and they are still going strong.

La Divinité was one of their biggest hits and it’s definitely one of my favorites. This song is as pure feel good music as you’ll find – divine is right!

La Divinité – La Perfecta

La Divinité

Flipping the record over and you have another great scorcher to keep you bouncing.

Baille Chabon – La Perfecta

Baille Chabon

This is just the first of many great records that we have lined up to share here – and after 4 months away we got lot piled up. Keep checking back or better yet subscribe below as we’ll be updating regularly again. Also, expect an announcement soon for our next Pelanga party.

Much love!

~jacobo / dj pozole



Les Isles du Vent

9425344-Les Chanteurs

So far we’ve hit 6 countries’ carnavals in 3 days! Now it’s time to really get our money’s worth as we venture out to those string of islands just north of Trinidad & Tobago, commonly known today as the Lesser Antilles, specifically Guadeloupe, Dominica, and Martinique. Now this is usually the point where we would go on about origins or context regarding this Les Chanteurs des Isles du Vent record, but it’s carnaval—no time for getting nerdy. Trust me, if this song Edamise Oh! doesn’t give you the rush of carnaval running through your veins then I’m going to assume you are a card carrying tea party member, (fact: tea baggers hate carnaval).

Edamise Oh! by Les Chanteurs Des Isles Du Vent

Edamise Oh!

What’s that? You need more? I don’t blame you. Here are 2 more carnaval songs of a melody, Haussé / Bo Fe-A that will have you never wanting to leave Isles du Vent.

Haussé/Bo Fe – A by Les Chanteurs Des Isles Du Vent

Haussé / Bo Fe-A



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