#RecordOfTheDay “Langa Neki” by The Cosmo Stars

I think it’s been years since we’ve shared anything from the Caribbean/South American nation of Suriname. Finding Kaseko records outside of Holland isn’t easy, so it’s always extra special the few times I come across these maxi-singles like this one from The Cosmo Stars who were considered one best Kaseko bands ever.


Master Blaster – No not Stevie


Whoa! That was my reaction to first laying eyes on this record. Master Blaster is just a dope name. I’m not sure if they took it from Stevie Wonder’s hit song from Hotter Than July, but paired with this album art I was absolutely loving it before even hearing it.

So who are Master Blaster? They just happen to be a really great 80’s Kaseko band from Suriname. If you’ve never heard Kaseko music before, it’s something like a New Orleans brass band, but with more Caribbean flavor sung in Dutch creole. For whatever reason most records you find from Suriname, are 12″ singles or EP’s, which I love because you get a nice loud pressing and some fun melodies like this one.

Als Je Mij Een Vingertje Wijst – Master Blaster

Als Je Mij Een Vingertje Wijst

A little Youtube research gets you Master Blaster performing a shorter version of the same song back in the day live on Dutch TV. I think you’ll enjoy it way more than this audience.

~ pozole