#PelangaPlaylist Jan 1 – 14

Now that #RecordOfTheDay has reached the 2 week mark this seems like a good point to pause and throw them all together in a single playlist. Enjoy.

Happy New Year – Super Sweet Talks

I just got back from a wonderful December in Colombia with my lady, my family, a few dear friends, and the obsessively knowledgeable DJs, dancers, musicians, organizers, record collectors, and cowbell-in-the-back-pocket melómanos at the Feria de Cali. (We’ve got plenty of music to share from that trip. Stay tuned!)

It’s never easy to leave Colombia, and especially not this time, on Dec. 31st. So we were incredibly grateful for a warm welcome to the Bay, and especially for welcoming 2013 with the Pelanga family — sharing a delicious meal, a few good records, a bottle of arrechón, and stories of our growing families. We even got to witness DJ Djumi’s first gig at age 3 (weeks)!

Adjoa - Super Sweet Talks

Adjoa – Super Sweet Talks

I woke up the next day with mixed feelings, a bit of a hangover, and a desperate craving for a nice, strong cup of coffee. Wait. Shit! Did I leave some coffee in the kitchen when I left weeks ago? Where am I gonna find a coffee on New Year’s morning?

For no good reason I checked our mailbox downstairs, and we had just received a package from our dear-friend-whom-we’ve-never-met Adjoa, sending good New Year’s vibes, a killer Ghanaian compilation, and — you’re not gonna believe it — a fresh bag of sweet coffee.



Adjoa, I have to return the favor, hermanita. I don’t imagine you’re opposed to starting the year with an elegant Lord’s Prayer:

The Lord’s Prayer

You might also enjoy the title track, Adjoa.  🙂

Adjoa by Super Sweet Talks


Happy 2013, everybody! Here’s to another year of enjoying music, building community, and dancing our asses off. Much love to you all,


Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe

Another reason to love living in the San Francisco Bay Area: Stepping into a taxi on a warm, lazy Sunday morning (in December – hello, Boston!) and being greeted by the music of the Doctor of Hypertension, Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe. (Thank you for that, Okei!!)


If the Chief feels he needs 19 minutes to tell you what he’d like to tell you, we’re not gonna be the ones to stop him.

Makojo / Egwu Ogolo by Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe

Sure, you might say this could happen to you in AmsterdamDublin, or Barranquilla. This is true. But was your taxi headed to the African Orthodox Church of St. John Coltrane, where the entrance procession is an hour-and-a-half rendition of A Love Supreme?


By the way, Rev. Wanika hosts a wonderful radio show of Coltrane’s music every Tuesday 12-4pm on KPOO, 89.5. You can tune in online here.


DJ China Tu Madre y papicultor