#RecordOfTheDay “Carnaval” by Les Gypsies De Petion-Ville

To wrap up carnaval week I was tempted to choose something Brazilian, but I feel like that music is easy to enough to find now and I just don’t think nearly enough recognition has been given to the wealth of Haitian carnaval music. So once more here’s yet another one of Robert Martino numerous bands, Les Gypsies De Petion-Ville who in 1973 released this LP with a bonus 7″ containing this frenetic carnaval tune .

#RecordOfTheDay “Carnaval 83” by Scorpio

Day 3 of carnaval and time to jump over to Haiti because there’s no way we can do ever look past the amazing wealth of incredible carnaval kompa music that this historically important island has blessed us with. Get ready because this record by Robert Martino’s Scorpio will have you jumping and going wild from the start then winds you down perfectly.

Back to Basics with Raoul Guillaume et Son Groupe

It’s a been a while since I’ve shared any recent additions to the collection. Considering, I thought we’d get back to the basics with the simple, sunny tune – Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La Si, Do – by Haitian bandleader Raoul Guillaume et Son Groupe. I don’t remember learning the musical scale back in school being so groovy!

Do Re Mi

Do_Re_Mi_Raoul Guillaume_Et_Son Groupe



Podcast: Kiskeya & Quisqueya

This month we visit the island referred to as Kiskeya or Quisqueya depending which side of the shared border of Haïti or La República Dominicana you live on. To lead us through a vinyl exploration of this beautiful shared musical history we are joined by former Music Director at KALX of UC Berkeley and current Latin Music Curator and Programmer at Pandora, Marcos Juarez.


Important Note: This podcast was recorded before the recent disturbing deportation of Haitians taking place in the D.R.

Pelanga en La Sala: Episode 10 – Kiskeya & Quisqueya