#RecordOfTheDay #Carnaval2018 “Disfraz De Vieja” by Lorenzo “Loncho” Romero

This week is the start of carnaval all over the Caribbean and Latin America so each day this week we’ll travel via vinyl to a different carnaval. Let’s kick it off in Barinquilla, Colombia with Lorenzo “Loncho” Romero who will have you ready to take your dancing and drinking to the streets.

#RecordOfTheDay “Marily” by Calixto Ochoa

This record by the prolific Calixto Ochoa is well over 40 years old and it still holds up like the day it was released. I love everything about this song. Without fail it lifts my mood and has me dancing around my living room. This one of those records I can happily listen to on repeat.

#RecordOfTheDay “Que Quiere Esa Mejicana” by Lisandro Meza

Tonight in Oakland, CA we are DJing with the best known acordeonistas from Monterrey, Mexico, Celso Piña! (see previous post) As a dedication I’m selecting someone that I’m sure inspired Celso when he picked up his first accordion in the early 80s — Lisandro Meza. This 1983 record exemplifies the golden era of cumbia sonidera when the most famous Colombian cumbia artists were recording songs dedicated to their Mexican followers.

Que Quiere Esa Mejicana