the family treasures

So one day my grandfather arrived home from work to find that my grandmother had thrown away his whole record collection – just put it in boxes and left it outside for anyone to pick up. The kids’ records too. I love her to pieces, but I do dream of buying these treasures back from the lucky person that happened to walk by.

Decades later, I found this great little 45′ in a flea market. (In a puddle, you can hear that…) I like this song a lot, but the real beauty was getting home and finding my aunt’s signature on the record.


Rosa by Charanga 76


Now my uncle Gerardo, the self-proclaimed “Rey del Bugalú”, owned every record by Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz. The other day he saw I picked up Jala, Jala Boogaloo Vol. 2 and pointed me to this hot track I’d never heard before.


Iqui Con Iqui by Richie Ray Y Bobby Cruz

Iqui Con Iqui

And my mom? So much of what I know I learned from her… I’ve gotta give her her own post later.

– Papicultor