#PelangaPlaylist Jan 16 – 28

We’re now 4 weeks into 2018 so time for another playlist of the last 2 weeks of #RecordOfTheDay posts to jump start your work week.

#RecordOfTheDay “Love Alone” by George Symonette

A cool little Calypso tune to whisk you away on Friday as you start to unwind from the work week, by George Symonette. When I came across this double 7″ gatefold sleeve that was completely blank on the inside I thought it was quite strange. So from what I understand, back in the day when you would take a cruise ship to the Bahamas performers like George Symonette were the hired acts and passengers would get these free goodies and you could have them sign the inside of the blank gatefold. Any excuse to release a double 7″ gatefold is fine by me. Happy #45Friday!

Love Alone

Podcast: Panama!


Arjuna and Jacobo host the 3rd episode of Pelanga en La Sala with special guest Adam Dunbar from Discos Alma. (note: episode #2 tragically perished with a faulty hard drive) Join the three as they explore the vibrant and often overlooked music of Panama with a few other Caribbean gems mixed in.

You can download it for free in iTunes. Please leave us a review and be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on our upcoming podcasts.



  1. Eddie Palmeri – Mozambique
  2. Los Papacitos – Vienen Los Papacitos
  3. Pello El Afrokan – Ahora Si
  4. Los Mozambiques – Marcado
  5. Ibo Combo – Soeurette
  6. Bush Y Sus Magnificos – La Confianza
  7. Manito Johnson Y Los Diferentes – Los Diferentes
  8. Los Salvajes Del Ritmo – St John’s Guaguanco
  9. Los Beltons – Recuerdos de Don José
  10. Los Silvertones – You Call Be My Name
  11. Los Flamantes – Fanny
  12. Los Exciters – Something Deep Inside
  13. DP Express – Apran’n Pale
  14. Lord Panama – Fire Down Below / Fuego Abajo
  15. Sir Jablonski– Juke Juke

From Trinidad to…


In the previous post from last week I offered up a feast of Parang—Latin folkloric Christmas music from Trinidad. So what would be the perfect postre to follow that up with? How about Calypso music from Nicaragua? Makes sense to me. Here is a jumping Calypso called Jack Ass by Dimensión Costeña from their 197? Money-Money LP.

Jack Ass by Dimensión Costeña

For more Dimensión Costeña check out our Carnaval themed week from two years ago where Papicultor featured their great Palo de Mayo record.


~dj pozole



Curry n' Carnival

As promised a few posts down—we’ll convert you to the power of the steel pan. This video is of the legendary Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra competing in the 1987 Panoroma, the steel pan competition that takes place the Saturday night before Carnival Monday in T&T every year. This is serious people—complex arrangements which require months of rehearsal of upwards of 100 people (notice no one is using sheet music). This performance, Curry Tabanca, is truly amazing and somehow it only finished 4th that year. What makes it extra special is that it actually incorporates Indian Tassa drums! Your day of baptism has arrived. Enjoy!


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Merciless Calypso

I’m proud to bring our first calypso entry to La Pelanga. Calypso is of course the official music of Trinidad that goes back over 100 years and has it’s roots with French troubadours. The 1st time I heard this song by the Lara Brothers I knew instantly I needed to hear it again and again. Oddly the Lara Brothers are 1 of the most famous parang groups of Trinidad, (parang is a form of traditional Trini Christmas music ). I say odd because this song titled Sans Humanité (without mercy) is straight lyrical murder. These types of lyrics are more associated with Jamacian dancehall, (think Cutty Ranks’ “Limb by Limb”), but this song proceeds it by about 20 years.

Taken from an amazing 1971 National Geographic Society compilation filled with live recordings from local artists, 100 person steel pan bands and even school children. The recording is a bit wobbly, but I transcribed the lyrics for you to follow along. Be warned, this song is about as addictive as they come. Enjoy!

– Pozole


Sans Humanite by Lara Brothers

Sans Humanite

No no no no no I say no
My answer is no
No no no no I say no
My answer is no
You may come with your rod of operation
No no no no consolation
Grieve and pain with bad education
Sans humanité


Man, I pity their condition
When they have no ammunition
For to fight with a lion in an open competition
In anticipation for the coming celebration
War, man, this is war and rebellion ’cause from me they shall suffer execution
For against me they use their bad diction
And I highly eloquent in the House of Parliament
Sans humanité




The very first day I sat on the throne
I caused every man to grumble and groan
Boy, you could hear my voice through the atmosphere
They thought I was an angel from heaven up there
So to fight will be agony
But I still got a community
(his crew that will go to battle with him)
I didn’t mean to carré
(an defensive position)
But I got my dignity
Sans humanité




Tell me what death would you like to die
For your crucifixion is drawing nigh
Tell me what death would you like to die
For your crucifixion is drawing nigh
I’ll give
you a crown out of old boxwood (a coffin)
And a gallon and a half
(refers to rum, used to bathe corpses back in the day)
it will do you good
And for your dirty behavior you’ll be buried as a pauper
Sans humanité


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Carnaval! better late than never

There are many good things about living in the San Francisco Bay Area, one of which is that we have a decent sized multi-cultural carnaval celebration on the last Sunday of May of every year. It would be nice if we could be celebrating during the same week as the rest of the Caribbean and Latin America (it might make lent a little more popular), but better late than never.

It should come as no surprise that La Pelanga heavily embraces Carnaval, in fact a few of us even perform in it. For me, all types of carnaval music holds a special place in my heart/record collection. It’s one of the great communal celebrations that truly belongs to the people. The months of band and dance rehearsals, costume and float construction all for 1 huge explosion that floods the streets with some of the loudest sounds, dancing and colors. This week La Pelanga will be doing the same in our own little way by posting many of our favorite carnaval music and videos that we’ve been saving up all year long. Hopefully for those local we can help you get even more excited about this Sunday, (May 30).

To kick off the week, we’ll start with some classic calypso from one of the all time legends of Trinidad’s Carnaval – Calypso RosePan Rhapsody is of course referring to the national instrument of Trindidad & Tobago – steel pan.

Pan Rhapsody Part 1Calyspso Rose

Pan Rhapsody (Part 1)


I’ve also included part 2 to this 1976 carnival song that is just her backing band letting loose with the horns and really expanding upon the vocal version.

Pan Rhapsody Part 2– Calyspso Rose

Pan Rhapsody (part 2)

For any non believers of the power of steel pan, this week La Pelanga will be performing baptisms into this amazing form of music. Check back daily for more Carnaval.

– Pozole