#RecordOfTheDay “No One To Depend On” by Coke Escovedo

Most folks know this as a Santana song, which is only half correct. Santana himself didn’t write this song, but rather Coke Escovedo who was a member of the band of the same name. After he left the group and released his first solo LP in 1975 he brought back his hit song in a more bluesy-funk version. Both are excellent, but I really love the inclusion of the powerhouse vocals of Julia Waters, who by the way has sung on over 400 albums😲, a bit more.

No One To Depend On

Los Chuchos – Cumbia Tokeson


Those of you who are fans of cumbia and live in or around Oaklandia are probably already up on Cumbia Tokeson. Over the past year when groups like Bomba Estereo, Celso Piña, and Cafe Tacvba’s Ruben Albarrans have come to town it’s been Cumbia Tokeson who have been heating up the stage with them. The first time you saw them you probably thought, “Wait, I know these dudes”. That’s because they consist of members of tex-punk-cumbia heroes Fuga and Oakland’s La Colectiva. With  Tokeson you’ll hear hints of those former groups, but with a fresh take—mixing up Peruvian Chicha, Colombian Cumbia and Mexican Sonidera.

Of course La Pelanga loves digging for 30+ year old records, but make no mistake discovering new music is just as exciting. Here are a couple of blazing tracks off their debut EP, Los Chuchos Vol.1 For info on their upcoming shows and future releases checkout their FB page.

DJ Pozole