Aníbal Velásquez

I’m psyched to see all the recent excitement over Anibal Velasquez’s expansive discography. I’m especially happy that the good people at Analog Africa picked up on him and put out this *impeccable* compilation.

I’m not sure what a barranquillero is doing in “Analog Africa”, but the series is amazing and will surely get him some well-deserved attention. Apparently he is about to go on his first European tour!

Anyway, here’s a relentless merengue, thanks to Radio Cordialidad:

Contigo No Más by Anibal Velasquez

Contigo No Más


The next track is a collaboration with the great Carlos Román. This might be from the late 50s or early 60s; does anyone know? The crappy sound quality is to be expected – one quick look at this 78″ is enough to tell you that this thing has been around the victrola one too many times.

El Desfile by Anibal Velasquez Y Carlos Roman



Want more? Here’s some *serious* footage from an upcoming documentary by Sanjay Agarwal and Ivan Higa:

and some more great tracks thanks to Oakland’s Sonido Franko: