Happy Mother’s Day! prince nico mbarga – sweet mother

We had such a blast at La Peña last night!!! Thank you all for coming!

It was a joy and a privilege to begin the Mother’s Day celebrations with a dance floor full of strong, beautiful, amazing women. (And yes, men also. We saw you getting down too; how could we not?) It’s always good to see that our community is, and will continue to be, in such good hands.

Mothers, here is one for you, with much love!


Sweet Mother by Prince Nico Mbarga & Rocafil Jazz

Mami, hoy y todos los días, celebro tu testimonio de vida. ¡Gracias por todo lo que me enseñaste!



amparito (part 2)


Again, you know the story. Foreigner goes to Colombia, falls for a caleña on the dance floor, she wraps him around her finger and now he wants to go fishing with her.

This is Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz’s savage tribute to Amparo Arrebato, a famous salsa dancer from Cali. Apparently she got a reputation as a teenager by hanging around the brothels of Cali to just dance, because that’s where the really hard salsa was.

Amparo Arrebato by Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz

Amparo Arrebato

Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz guys are legendary in Colombia because they could play as fast and hard as people wanted to dance. (Other people’s records had to be played at 45rpm instead of 33rpm…)



amparito (part 1)


Here is a song I love for many reasons.

Amparito by La Superbanda


Foreigner goes to Barranquilla, falls in love with a beautiful woman on the dance floor, she disappears, and now he’s looking for her all over Colombia to marry her.

There’s a funny version of this song by Don Medardo y sus Player’s where she whispers in his ear: “you ecuadorians have some game in your hips!” I have to wonder, are you in on the joke, Medardo? I have nothing but love for you guys, but I have to break it to you: a barranquillera who says that is messing with you.