#RecordOfTheDay “Master Blaster Dub” by Stevie Wonder

If you never came across the 1980 single release of Stevie Wonder’s classic reggae tune Master Blaster then you might not know that there was an extended dub version on the b-side. It’s not exactly at King Tubby’s level of dub engineering, but it’s pretty fresh to hear Stevie’s interpretation of dub. This is the 12″ version that I believe only got a European release.

Master Blaster (Dub)

#RecordOfTheDay “Nigeria Go Survive” by Veno

This 1985 record by Veno is one of the classics from Lago’s synth-boogie-disco scene that represented a new wave of Nigerian music. Musically it’s perfectly 80s and will get you dancing, but what makes it timeless is how inspirational it is. I’m of the firm belief that our survival is tied to each and considering how dire shit has been recently I need all the upliftment I can get.

Nigeria Go Survive

#RecordOfTheDay “Lean on Jesus” by The Savannah Community Choir

I’ve always embraced Black gospel music despite never having been raised in church, (hell I’m not even baptized 🤷🏽‍♂️). However, over the last year more and more I’ve been leaning on gospel music like this record by The Savannah Community Choir (1977) to get me through these collective days of despair. What I love most about classic gospel records was that they were all recorded live often in the church—meaning that holy spirit comes blasting through. Whether you regularly lean on Jesus or not don’t let your Sunday or any rough day go by without giving this scorching rendition of Lean on Jesus a listen.

Lean on Jesus