#PelangaPlaylist Jan 1 – 14

Now that #RecordOfTheDay has reached the 2 week mark this seems like a good point to pause and throw them all together in a single playlist. Enjoy.

#RecordOfTheDay “Kilimandjaro My Home” by Eko Roosevelt

This classic 1977 LP, Kilimandjaro My Home, by the legendary Cameroonian musician and producer Eko Roosevelt is one of my all time favorites. Everything from the cover design to the wide range of heartfelt songs throughout just feels so damn good and never fails to lift my mood. I’ll be sure to share more from this gem soon.

Kilimandjaro My Home

#RecordOfTheDay “Amor, Dulce Amor” by Los Pakines

Remember those old movies where the square middle-aged dude reluctantly attends a party of young far-out non-conformists who get him high AF, minutes later dude is life of the party and doing crazy shit like painting a baby elephant, which then segues into the scene where he’s suddenly alone with the chic who was eyeing him earlier on? Straight from Lima, Los Pakines wrote the song for that scene just as everything goes kaleidoscope.

Amor, Dulce Amor

#RecordOfTheDay “Master Blaster Dub” by Stevie Wonder

If you never came across the 1980 single release of Stevie Wonder’s classic reggae tune Master Blaster then you might not know that there was an extended dub version on the b-side. It’s not exactly at King Tubby’s level of dub engineering, but it’s pretty fresh to hear Stevie’s interpretation of dub. This is the 12″ version that I believe only got a European release.

Master Blaster (Dub)