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#RecordOfTheDay “Bel Toubonman” by Expérience 7

Yesterday day we had NY disco, now let’s tryout some late night Antillean disco from Expérience 7. This was one of those songs upon first listening I half discounted being that I bought the record for more of the Zouk tracks, but after coming back to it again I’m really enjoying it more and more. Often music requires multiple chances to sink in, but I freely admit sometimes I’m slow to recognize. Don’t be like me 🙂

#RecordOfTheDay “Malagueña” by Pico

Thank you to everyone who came out to the  La Chamba and Money Chicha show. It was a great night of psychedelic cumbia. At one point during Money Chicha’s set I recognized a song that I couldn’t quite place, but then I realized I was listening to a cover of the Cuban/Spanish classic Malagueña. It’s a flamenco song that’s been covered in many different styles over the years. I actually first knew it as a disco track from the classic New York disco label West End Records by a group called Pico. I bought this record for the same reason I think anyone ever did, the dope percussion break half way through. It’s worth the wait.

#RecordOfTheDay “Africa” by Bozambo

Sunday is a day as good as any for some super heavy Antillean / West African funk. I believe this is Bozambo’s first of 3 albums, and features some of the best studio musicians from Cote D’ivoire and Burkina Faso.

#RecordOfTheDay “Cariñito” by La Chamba

So far this #RecordOfTheDay series has been a different song from different every single day since the start of the year (WTF am I doing???), however since tonight we are DJing tonight for the San Francisco leg of the #ChichaSummit tour which features La Chamba and Money Chicha there’s no reason why not to pull another track from this excellent LP Ecos De La Selva. This is one is a cover of the Peruvian classic song Cariñito by Los Hijos Del Sol which happens to feature Jose Carballo, the frontman of Los Hijos. This is a song we’ve played at practically every party we’ve DJ’d as it never fails to get everyone dancing and singing together.

I’m super excited for tonight as it will be my first time listening to Money Chicha who also have new record out that I for sure be coping. Listen to their 🔥 track Tiro al blanco!


#RecordOfTheDay “Move Out A Babylon” by Johnny Clarke

The end of the work week is here and a reggae rockers tune feels right to get us into a relaxing and positive vibe for the weekend. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a bad Johnny Clarke record and this one is no exception—his signature vocal style over an upbeat Bunny “Stricker” Lee rockers rhythm. Simple perfection. #45Friday

#RecordOfTheDay “Poo-Jo” by Hysear Don Walker

I’m up late again so it feels only right to go with another late night tune. Last night it was drunken cumbia, but it’s raining outside now and for whatever reason soul jazz is what I need with winter rain. This particular record by Hysear Don Walker not only sounds perfect on a rainy night, but the later you listen to it the better it sounds. Play it at 2:45 AM and I guarantee you won’t regret the fact that you’re up way too late.