#RecordOfTheDay “Pon moun paka bougé” by Pépé Kallé

My theory is that Colombiano who created Zumba back in the 90s was actually listening to some Congolese Soukous when he came up with the workout sensation that swept the world. Just listen to this record by the late great Pépé Kallé and guarantee you’ll be up moving and ready to get dance workout on.

One thought on “#RecordOfTheDay “Pon moun paka bougé” by Pépé Kallé

  1. The story is that the Zumba guy forgot his regular dance tape and used a tape of pop music he did have. Which probably did include some champeta, a Colombian fusion genre inspired by the music cassettes brought over by African ship crews. Congolese soukous was certainly a major influence.

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