#RecordOfTheDay “No One To Depend On” by Coke Escovedo

Most folks know this as a Santana song, which is only half correct. Santana himself didn’t write this song, but rather Coke Escovedo who was a member of the band of the same name. After he left the group and released his first solo LP in 1975 he brought back his hit song in a more bluesy-funk version. Both are excellent, but I really love the inclusion of the powerhouse vocals of Julia Waters, who by the way has sung on over 400 albums😲, a bit more.

No One To Depend On

#RecordOfTheDay “Gogo” by Abeti Masikini

Posting this Abeti Masikini record later than I had hoped (8:30 pm CA time), but better late than never. In this track “Gogo” Abeti manages to create a song that is both soothing and emotional over an excellent drum break—a perfect song for a chilly winter night.


#RecordOfTheDay “Funky Duke” by Vikings De La Guadeloupe

From this 1975 Vikings De La Guadeloupe record you probably would not be expecting to hear funk soul-jazz, but one thing I’ve learned after years of digging through Caribbean music is to prepare to be surprised. To find this tune “Funky Duke”, which I suspect is a tribute to great funk jazz artist George Duke, is the type of surprise I never get tired of.

Funky Duke

#PelangaPlaylist Jan 1 – 14

Now that #RecordOfTheDay has reached the 2 week mark this seems like a good point to pause and throw them all together in a single playlist. Enjoy.

#RecordOfTheDay “Kilimandjaro My Home” by Eko Roosevelt

This classic 1977 LP, Kilimandjaro My Home, by the legendary Cameroonian musician and producer Eko Roosevelt is one of my all time favorites. Everything from the cover design to the wide range of heartfelt songs throughout just feels so damn good and never fails to lift my mood. I’ll be sure to share more from this gem soon.

Kilimandjaro My Home