#RecordOfTheDay “Fun City Shing-A-Ling” by Joe Quijano

In the late 60s there were probably 100s of records with Shing-A-Ling songs. (If you don’t know what the Shing-A-Ling is then you need to go sit down with your elders.) However, I don’t believe none come close to this Joe Quijano and His Orchestra’s 1967 release. This record is so mean, so slick and all-out NY Latin swagger.

Fun City Shing-A-Ling

#RecordOfTheDay “Were – Were” by Camayenne Sofas

If you’ve never given classic Guinean music a listen the band Camayenne Sofas is a good place to start. In fact I can’t recommend enough everything from the Guinean state-run record label Editions Syliphone Conakry which published an incredible catalog of Manding music that often sublimely combined traditional rhythms with modern instrumentation. Have a listen from their 1976 LP La Percee.

Were – Were


#RecordOfTheDay “Uhuru” by The Ramsey Lewis Trio

Just a little something for a quiet low-key Sunday afternoon. If you are already familiar with Ramsey Lewis‘ classic record Maiden Voyage then you know that this follow up LP Another Voyage from 1969 in his trio setup (Eldee Young on bass and Red Holt on drums) is not to be slept on.


#RecordOfTheDay “Que Quiere Esa Mejicana” by Lisandro Meza

Tonight in Oakland, CA we are DJing with the best known acordeonistas from Monterrey, Mexico, Celso Piña! (see previous post) As a dedication I’m selecting someone that I’m sure inspired Celso when he picked up his first accordion in the early 80s — Lisandro Meza. This 1983 record exemplifies the golden era of cumbia sonidera when the most famous Colombian cumbia artists were recording songs dedicated to their Mexican followers.

Que Quiere Esa Mejicana

“El Rebelde del acordeón” aka Celso Piña + La Pelanga

We’re super excited to DJ for “El Rebelde del acordeón” aka Celso Piña and Gina Madrid on Sat 1/20 at The New Parish in Oakland! Get your tickets 👉🏽 HERE

If you’ve had your ear to cumbia music over the past decade then you already know this man has been leading the way with modern cumbia torpical. If you need a little taste…

¡Imperdible! #cumbia #cumbia #cumbia



#RecordOfTheDay “Baba Hausa” by Sabanoh 75

For#45Friday we have Sabanoh 75, from Sierra Leone who released a string of singles on the UK Rokel label in 70s, this being their last I one I believe. Be sure to listen through to the 1min 40sec mark for the dope rolling drum breakdown with call and response that oddly feels very NOLA.

Baba Hausa