#RecordOfTheDay “Pastel En Descarga” by Juan Pablo Torres

Today just felt like a latin funk day. And when I need that fix I always reach for this Juan Pablo Torres LP. If you come across this record it’s definitely worth the going rate. Enjoy!

#RecordOfTheDay “Black Man Cry” by The East Side Symphony

Dear Brooklyn hipsters,
I know the idea of starting a steel pan band that covers Fela tunes is very tempting, but please let it go. It’s been done—by an actual 32 piece Trini steel pan symphony over 40 years ago called The East Side Symphony.

Many thanks,



#PelangaPlaylist Jan 16 – 28

We’re now 4 weeks into 2018 so time for another playlist of the last 2 weeks of #RecordOfTheDay posts to jump start your work week.

#RecordOfThe Day “Les Dorlanes” by Les Maxel’s

Today we got Les Maxel’s from the French Antilles island Guadeloupe. I have to acknowledge the cover. It’s pretty common to see a bunch guys posing around a clean ride, but rarely posing around a clean ride AND a dirty ass bulldozer. Also, respect to the uncredited cover designer. This person’s work is used on many of the Disco Deb’s label’s covers and they are all similarly geo70s candy colorific.

Les Dorlanes

#RecordOfTheDay “Gnizako” by Ernesto Djedje

Over the last decade a lot more tribute has been paid to the legendary Ivorian musician, singer and performer Ernesto Djedje and deservingly so. He was a true innovator by developing his own musical rhythm and dance to go with it called Ziglibithy. Definitely check out the numerous archival footage of him performing via YouTube.


#RecordOfTheDay “Love Alone” by George Symonette

A cool little Calypso tune to whisk you away on Friday as you start to unwind from the work week, by George Symonette. When I came across this double 7″ gatefold sleeve that was completely blank on the inside I thought it was quite strange. So from what I understand, back in the day when you would take a cruise ship to the Bahamas performers like George Symonette were the hired acts and passengers would get these free goodies and you could have them sign the inside of the blank gatefold. Any excuse to release a double 7″ gatefold is fine by me. Happy #45Friday!

Love Alone

#RecordOfTheDay “Ay Doctor!” by Bonny Cepeda Y Orquesta

Reaching back here to the golden age of Merengue, the 1980s, when Dominican music overtook Salsa on the Latin charts. Here is one of my favorites, Bonny Cepeda who was the fist Merengue artist to be nominated for a Grammy, with his 1982 LP ¡Arrasando Con Todo! He was one of best composers of the era who produced countless records for other Dominican artists. Here is on the keys with his brother Richie on vocals.

Ay Doctor!