Tis the season for dancing, brought to you by Sears

Sears, the U.S. everything store that everyone used to shop at for Christmas. Back in the 1970’s they were the Walmart, Target and Ikea all rolled into one. I’m guessing U.S. followers of this blog probably didn’t wrap any gifts this year purchased from the once giant retailer. However, in 1974 if someone would have bought this Sears record from one of their many stores to give to you for Christmas I think you would have been as pleased as anything you received this year—or at least I would have been.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

What makes this record so great is that it’s NOT full of Christmas carols that you know and hate—rather it’s a collection of Puerto Rican artists from the Borinquen label performing the type of Christmas music we love and need more of. Oddly they made this a “live” record by inserting crowd applause between tracks though the recordings are normal studio songs. Nonetheless, it’s full of beautiful bailables to dance to because that’s what the holiday season is all about—celebrating with good food and music right?

This track from the great Raphy Leavitt just about sums it all up:


Raphy Leavitt & Orquesta La SelectaFiestas De Navidades

There’s absolutely no way you can have a Puerto Rican Christmas record without a song about Lechon:


Pellin RodriguezLechon A La Varita

Now lets really get our dancing feet moving:


Orquesta Felíx Del RosarioCandela

Ok, if you insist on having a Jingle Bells in your mix at least do right:


Orquesta Felíx Del RosarioCascabel

I hope this proves that some of the best gifts are not always shinny new ones and that there’s no better time to dance.

Feliz Navidad,

-Jacobo (dj pozole)

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