Emahoy Tsegué Mariam Gebru

My friend Feven pointed me to this incredibly beautiful short film on the Ethiopian classical pianist Emahoy Tsegué Mariam Gebru. Thank you, Feven! You can click on the CC for English subtitles, but, really, the film speaks for itself.


It’s been a bit of a crazy summer over here, and I guess you shouldn’t be surprised when a 90 year old nun knows exactly what you need. I’ve been playing her music all day long. After watching this, I’m pretty sure many of you will, too.




One thought on “Emahoy Tsegué Mariam Gebru

  1. Thank you for sharing Fede and Feven!
    Very happy that Emahoy Tsegué Mariam Gebru has made her way to La Pelanga.
    This past weekend I took my first 9 hour road trip with my mother in law. At first I wasn’t sure what music to play – a very important decision on an all-day car ride.
    I decided to put on Mariam’s solo piano Ethiopiques release, Ethiopia Song and everyone was happy.
    At work I’ve influenced my preschool teaching staff to play Mariam for the little ones everyday during nap time.
    In fact, in the last few few years I’ve fallen asleep listening to Ethiopia Song at least a couple times a week.
    In other words, I love Emahoy Tsegué Mariam Gebru!
    This video is short and but very sweet, thanks again.

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