Chicano Batman – Joven Navegante

chicanobatIt’s crackin’ this summer for many of our compañeros here at La Pelanga! Just a week after futboling, singing, dancing, and breaking bread with Las Cafeteras on their recent trip to the bay for all the Copa Communidad festivities, the good homie Bardo rolled by the house to update me on the latest Chicano Batman project – Joven Navegante.

After a hiatus filled with their individual travels and musical wonderings, these four Chicano soul brothers will be reuniting in their hometown of Los Angeles later this month to promote the recent release of their new four track EP Joven Navegante through a series of live shows and the filming of a music video for the EP’s title track.

While at times their new recordings are reminiscent of their first full length self titled LP, as a whole Joven Navegante offers an even more exploratory effort, layering drunken wah wah guitar with psychedelic organ vamps, bouncing reggae bass licks, exceptional drumming throughout, and of course Bardo’s inspired vocals. Some true ear candy for the auditory freak and a perfect fit for any car trip to the sun! Check the EP’s title track below.

Chicano Batman – Joven Navegante (2012)

To satiate the vinyl cravings of folks like myself Chicano Batman has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for a proper 10″ vinyl pressing. Take a moment to watch their Kickstarter video and hear about what they’ve been up to. Real talk – they have some of best gifts I’ve seen on Kickstarter. To my folks in Southern California – pledge $250 and have Chicano Batman come thru for a pop-up beach party con music and fresh fruit!

DJ Smokestack

Be the Change! – Las Cafeteras

Longtime followers of this blog may recall us promoting our amazing musical homies Las Cafeteras over the past few years. Since then they’ve contintued to bring their liberating music, combining tradtional Son Jarocho with alternative sounds of L.A. to many new ears. Checkout their version of the Son Jarocho classic La Bamba.


Dope right?!

Straight out of East L.A. they are now getting their bags packed to travel to the 2012 Latin Alternative Music Conference in New York this summer. All the while they are have been working hard in the studio blending their pounding afro-mexican rhthyms and uplifiting lyrics into their first album. In order to fund their trip to NYC and to finish their debut CD they started a Kick Starter fund and they are just a few hundred dollars short of reaching their goal of $11,000.

TAKE A MINUTE TO WATCH THEIR VIDEO and if you feel as half as inspired as we do by their project back them like we all have.

In Solidarity,

DJ Pozole