Pelanga X Poly-Rythmo!!!


And now for a little taste of what to expect at this Saturday’s Pelanga! The legendary Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou Benin stretches out with this scorching Sato-Salsa track.  There’s nothing I really can say that hasn’t already been documented by Analog Africa in one of their many compilations featuring the band’s illustrious work from the 70’s and 80’s. That said, we’ll just let the music do the talking. Vamos!






One thought on “Pelanga X Poly-Rythmo!!!

  1. Killin it on that keyboard. Analog Africa really did sum it all up, too, great great article. One thing I really truly appreciate is the back-story of this music and the artists. Like in this case, the element of Vodun. I would have not known that it is the overarching framework of this bands rhythms’. Which goes to show that even an informal medium such as a blog gives a nod to the oral history (via music), and creates new, written, and somewhat ‘documented’ records of it. Good thing is though, the history can always be told through song.Don’t know if that made too much sense; I just really appreciate the added info.

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