Jose “El Kid” Reynoso – Martin Luther King Jr. (Fuerza Productions)

Here’s a heartfelt tribute to Dr. King, straight out of Oakland/Stockton in the early 80s (I think). Was any of our readers at Melrose School back then?

Massive respect to Jose Reynoso, who’s still doing great work in Stockton today.


Martin Luther King Jr. by Jose “El Kid” Reynaga

4 thoughts on “Jose “El Kid” Reynoso – Martin Luther King Jr. (Fuerza Productions)

  1. Amazing! It was a great surprise to find this record in Texas, but this message is an even better surprise! We’d love to hear any stories you all would be willing to share about Fuerza and this recording session (either here, or at info @ lapelanga . com .)

  2. It was so much fun with my Dad and Jose making Records for Fuerza in the 80’s. Once I got to sing live with Linda Ronstadt. And we always herd other bands playing at Freeway Recording which was on E14th. Plus across the street from us was Pete Escavido and his famous daughter Sheila E oh gawd I was in love with her even though I was only 10yrs old.

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