… y Mas Taller Pelanga

While we’re on the topic… here is over 12 minutes of bootymoving for your enjoyment. It goes to double time after 10 minutes, so don’t be fooled by any repetition. It keeps changing as it moves along. Watch, try, repeat. Then come to our the Pelanga en La Peña Tonight! Saturday, May 7th



Improving the world by moving more booties at a time,
– chinatumadre

Taller Pelanga

Hopefully you all aware of our upcoming Pelanga en La Peña this Saturday, May 7th. Pelangas have blessed us in many ways, one of which is the joy we get from seeing so many of you dance and lose yourself in the music. But one thing we haven’t been able to ignore is seeing so many beautiful women dancing solo. Now it needs to be said that we really love that Pelangas have a culture of everyone being very respectful — especially toward women who very much appreciate not feeling hounded and harassed by men. But men, that’s no reason to be wall flowers. We understand that dancing can be intimidating, especially with someone you may not know. But don’t worry su pelangueros are here to help, or rather Oscar De Leon (Venezuela’s most famous salsero). Here he is performing his merengue hit Juanita Morel backed by Conjunto Quisqueya. Now take note, he’s just dipping and rolling with a simple spin. Watch, repeat and practice in front of a mirror. Men, you can do this and have a line of dance partners waiting on you all night. Gold medallion is optional.


El Cieguito De Nagua | La Bailadora


I adore this track. It hails from the Dominican Republic – shout outs to Pozole, for the handsome collection of music he’s posted from there already… and to William, who might actually be able to answer my little puzzle question below.

La Bailadora by El Ciegito De Nagua

Fun puzzle question:
There are two hidden references made to birds through this song; neither of them are directly sung.


(Need a hint? one would be in the little song reference in the middle of the track, the other is in the genre name)

– chinatumadre

La Pelanga En La Peña 2! Este Sabado | This Saturday May 7th!

Saturday, May 7 at 9:30pm – 1:30am
At La Peña

3105 Shattuck Ave.
Berkeley, CA


You packed the house last time, so we’re bringing it back! Once again we’ll be cooking up our tasty stew of cumbia, salsa dura, soukous, reggaetón, samba, plena, coupé decalé, merengue, champeta, konpa, funaná, currulao, and any other fresh ingredients that we’ve come across in our travels. 

Admission is $5. Part of the proceeds go to benefit La Peña Cultural Center. 

We hope you’ve been enjoying our blog. If you have any questions or early requests, please contact us at: info@lapelanga.com. If you do the facebook thing, visit us here

Sus Pelangueros
(DJs China Tu Madre, Franz Tunda, Papicultor and Posoule)

Frankie Dante & Orquesta Flamboyan – Dante Presidente


If Frankie Dante was president, there would be no armed forces, wars would end, and the kids would come back home, where they belong.

Taxes would be lowered, and that money would be used for the benefit of the community. And on top of that, a raise for the musicians who work so hard for so little money.

Frankie Dante for president!

USA, 1972.

Presidente Dante by Frankie Dante & Orquesta Flamboyan

Presidente Dante