“Belle Femm’ Pas Ka Ta Ou” – Georges Plonquitte


Here we have another incredible record from Guadeloupe. This time from Georges Plonquitte & Cie. Belle Femm’ Pas Ka Ta Ou is a song that I never get tired of hearing and it always puts me in a great mood.

Georges Plonquitte was most famous for writing the song Rosalie and for being the lead singer of another amazing cadance group from Martinque called Typical Combo (I will definitely have to post something from them later). Sadly he passed while waiting for a heart transplant in 2006. Though he was not widely known outside the Antilles he left behind incredible music like this for us outsiders to fall in love with. Enjoy!

Belle Femm’ Pas Ka Ta Ou by Georges Plonquitte

Belle Femm’


3 thoughts on ““Belle Femm’ Pas Ka Ta Ou” – Georges Plonquitte

  1. Thanks DJ Posoule,,,it has always been my musical pleasure to spread great music from Haiti…Guadeloupe,,Martinique,,Dominique and Saint Lucia…The Kompa/Zouk and Cadence music will always live on.. Feel free to post/email me any other music from George Plonquitte that you make like to share.Many thanks

  2. This music, with its lead vocal, choruses, horns and assorted rhythms is music that can send even dead feet into a spin.
    Used to love DEBS Records and all they brought us from the Fr. Antilles. And/was always amazed that a ‘few islands away’ the West Indies gave us Reggae which is, to my, a totally dispiriting and monotonous music. After any 3 minutes of Reggae, I feel its been on for three hours. Any three hours of the Antilles stuff seems like three minutes. Don’t believe me? Check out Tabou Combo, an hour long concert of this NY based band, gave in Paris. Its on U Tube and catches all the spirit and exhuberance of Plonquitte and Co. cheers.

    • I hear what you are saying about Reggae. 15 years ago I used to only listen to reggae and dancehall, but eventually lost interest in the scene and found more joy by expanding my range to the rest of the Caribbean, Latin America and all of Africa—basically everything on this blog. Really happy you enjoyed this selection and that you are a big fan of West Indies music as well. We always love hearing about peoples reactions and memories from these records. We’ll try and post more of these.

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