Álvaro el Bálbaro: La champeta del Pato Donald


El Vacile Del Pato by Alvaro “El Barbaro”

El Vacile del Pato

You might have heard the story already. All kinds of African and Caribbean records started arriving to Barranquilla and Cartagena in the early 70s, and people went crazy over them. The picoteros (DJs / travelling sound system owners) promptly decided to rip the labels off their records and throw the covers away to get an “eeeeexxxcluussiivooo” – they would be the only ones to own and play a particular song for a decade, easily. Many classic highlife and soukous songs (under fake names) became *huge* hits and had a massive influence on what was to come.

Fast forward a few decades, bring along a bit of American pop culture and a Yamaha DD55:


and this is what you get. ¡Puro vacile efectivo!


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