Tigui Edmond – Ekan


So in Papicultor’s post of Golden Sounds’ cover of Ekan he made a request for the original. No problem. As he described this is one crazy song with a stuttering rhythm that seems like it shouldn’t even be rhythmic, but it totally is. And as you will hear this version is extremely raw in comparison with Golden Sound’s cover. A lot of it has to do with recording techniques/equipment used at that time, which now has become very desirable by many musicians and studio heads. I normally wouldn’t post a record with so many pops and clicks, but I think it just adds to the wonderful rawness of the sound.

Ekan by Tigui Edmond 


I have to say though my favorite song is on the A side, Macnam-Mot. Everything from the horns to the guitars to the vocals are totally infectious—a wonderful example of Makossa music from Cameroon. Enjoy!

Macnam – Mot by Tigui Edmond

Macnam Mot


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