“El verdadero criollismo”, Walter Goyburu


Last week I had the privilege of meeting Walter Goyburu. He’s the one on the left, wearing the white scarf. His son is on cajón, and the man on the right is the musical director of Centro Social Musical El Aromito, in Callao. I’ve unfortunately forgotten their names, but I blame this on the rum. Early in the evening, before the drinking began in earnest, we asked Walter to show us the difference between the classic and the modern styles of Peruvian creole guitar. This was his response.

If you’d like to hear more of Walter’s amazing music, you must pick up this. I’ll be posting more of my recordings from that evening in the coming weeks.


One thought on ““El verdadero criollismo”, Walter Goyburu

  1. Thanks for post this beautiful link, I’m un incondicional fan of that great peruvian musician and I love specially the ambiance of "El Aromito" with all people like "los querubines" directed by Gary Silva, a great singer, it’s really fabulous, the "criollismo en su punto mas alto"Best Regards.Carlos

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