“Salamansa” – Luís Morais

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I can’t say I know much about the chain of islands off the coast of Senegal called Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) and I would have never had guessed cumbia could be found there. The voyages that music takes is something that always has me geeking out in a ridiculous way. Needless to say when I came across Cabo Verde’s Luís Morais (a folk/light afrobeat saxaphonist) interpreting cumbia colombiana my geek-o-meter was topping out. I struggled to choose which song to post, but in the end I’ve opted for the only song credited to himself. I’m guessing he felt plenty inspired after covering some of his favorite cumbias to compose and record his own. Sure glad he did. Hope you do too.

Salamansa by Luís Morais



p.s. If you have any knowledge about cumbias in Cabo Verde or anywhere in Africa please leave a comment. Gracias!

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  1. Semong, thanks for the added info. Every bit of shared knowledge is appreciated. Since posting this record a couple years ago I’ve been listening to a lot more coladeira and funaná (can’t get enough of Ferro Gaita!).

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