“Vive le Disco” – Gemini All Stars De Ti Manno


I grew up in the age of disco’s melting over point, i.e. Kiss’s I was made for loving you, Disco Duck, and my redneck neighbors taking disco dancing lessons. By the time 1981 rolled around the backlash was in a full effect. To be honest, I was still enamored by that lit up disco floor in Saturday Night Fever which by no coincidence was the key visual ingredient in MJ’s video for Billie Jean. Around this time anything associated with disco was laughed at and verbally spit upon. Thankfully Ti Manno (formally of D.P. Express) and his Gemini All Stars didn’t let any anti-disco sentiment stop his amazing kompa band from expressing his love affair with the disco club. Then again this ain’t your tio’s disco. Brief footnote: Kompa is the official national music of Haiti that has it’s roots in traditional African rhythms (close cousin to Zouk and Merengue). For me kompa is one of the most celebratory forms of music and I certainly don’t need a lit up dance floor to have me dancing to this Haitian disco.

Vive Le Disco by Gemini All Stars De Ti Manno

Vive Le Disco


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