“Chinito en onda”, Los Mirlos


[photo taken in Lima, 2005.]

There’s been an ongoing conversation here at La Pelanga about Latin music and Asians–specifically the sub-genre of songs melding Latin rhythms with some Eastern exotica, either a twangy guitar meant to evoke “the Orient” or some mildly offensive lyric mimicking Chinese pronunciations of Spanish. This track–well, uh… It features both. There’s even been talk of compiling some of these songs into a mix tape; you’d be surprised how many there are t in this category. I’m sure some analyst, some sociologist or historian, can tell us what this all means, place it in the context of Asian migration to Latin America, etc., but for the time being there’s no denying that some of these tracks are simply dope. So, with apologies to mis hermanos chinos everywhere, and (with much love for DJ China Tu Madre), here’s Los Mirlos. Also, this post goes with a special shout to Toia of the mighty LWFC. Thanks for the gift, hermano.

“Soy un chinito en onda, me gusta el won ton, y la cuuuuuuumbia…”

Chinito En Onda by Los Mirlos

Chinito En Onda

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