Juancho Polo Valencia / Los Acordeones de Aguachica


El duende

El duendeJuancho Polo Valencia 

A true vallenatero misses his wife’s death and funeral because he was out partying in the neighboring towns. (His tragic “Alicia Adorada” tells the story…) Here is one of my favorite singers/accordion players, lacking in teeth (literally, only literally) but exceeding in raw talent. In this song he is being chased by a dwarf. (?)

Puya en la fiesta

Puya en la fiesta – Los Acordeones de Aguachica

I can’t tell you much about Los Acordeones de Aguachica. Apparently you can hire them if you’re in Bogotá (call 7111473). You’ve gotta appreciate the honesty of the guy who sold me this record – it does look like someone pretty deliberately took a knife to the first three tracks (of side A actually, not side B.)




El Duende by Juancho Polo Valencia
Puya En La Fiesta by Los Acordeones De Aguachica

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